Crisis Communications

Most small- and medium-sized organizations and agencies cannot justify a full-time public information officer (PIO). Unfortunately, in this case, an unauthorized employee will speak freely to the media possibly resulting in irreparable harm to your company’s reputation.


Having a spokesperson to represent your company to the media during an emergency event is important for two reasons: First, the media can be utilized to help get your message to employees, their families, customers, investors, and other stakeholders about the response and recovery activities. Second, by proactively cooperating with the media you will help preserve your reputation by building public confidence that you’re doing everything possible to respond to the event safely and quickly.


The PIO Training Course educates and empowers your spokespersons on dealing with the media and other stakeholders. The course explains how to develop relationships with the media. Students will learn when to use mass media, e-mail, and the company’s Website and Intranet to get the message out to the proper audiences. The course also describes what to say, when to say it, and how to say it.

The course is designed for those individuals you’ve authorized to speak on behalf of your company in case an emergency situation arises. We recommend that, at minimum, you chose a primary PIO and two Alternate PIOs. A Student Handbook with templates is provided.


The course concludes with sample disaster scenarios and written exam.


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