Disaster Savings Time

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Fire departments and the media often remind us that changing daylight savings time is an ideal time to replace smoke detector batteries and test alarms. A couple of dollars and a few minutes could save a life.

Why not take this same opportunity to review the supplies in your disaster supplies kit, also known as a bug-out bag or go bag. (Remember the M.A.S.H. Episode where the 4077th had to bug-out?)

You need a disaster kit because in an event that affects a large area or a large number of people, first responders, FEMA, and others may take up to three days to reach you.

The bug-out bag allows you to evacuate quickly and provides survival supplies for at least three days. Similarly, it can be used to shelter in place when electricity, running water, and natural gas supplies are interrupted

The kit should include adequate water, food, first aid supplies, prescription medicines, flashlights, radio, batteries, can opener, toiletry items, etc. to sustain your family.

Assembling a kit is easy. Visit FEMA Assemble a Disaster Supplies Kit, American Red Cross Disaster Supplies Kit, or Ready America Get a Kit for details and instructions.

Also, several local and online sources offer ready-made kits. Always check the kit for applicability to you and your family’s needs.

Now that you have a kit and each of your family members knows where it is, what’s in it, and when to use it, are you sure that you want to survive on Spam with Pork & Beans?