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Do It Now!

    In other words, prepare and practice now before the storm comes.  Now is the only moment in which you have any control.

    The stock market is down significantly, banks are hoarding money, the mortgage and credit markets are in turmoil, terrorist threat levels are “Severe” in Great Britain and “High” in the U.S. with global threats rising, but the reality has not, yet, hit the American people.  Thanks mainly to greed over a period of many years; we appear to be headed for some real tough times.  When will the truth hit us?  It is starting to happen already.  Many pundits are pushing to make sure you get your family ready, but is your business ready?  Sure, there may be cutbacks in spending, but what if anything is being done to actually protect the company and its people? 

    First things first: A Risk Assessment should be performed by your company or preferably by a business that specializes in this area.  Note the main reasons for using a professional are 1) Experience, and 2) They will see your place of business as an outsider sees it: They will notice things that an employee may never see.  And by conducting interviews with multiple employees, they will uncover and possibly authenticate all kinds of threats and vulnerabilities.

    Yes, my company “Biby Associates” is known as an expert in the field of Risk Assessments and Business Continuity Programs.  I do therefore, by association, have a vested interest in promoting this work.  However, this blog allows me to share personal feelings about being prepared.  So whether you use our company, do it yourself, or even use a competitor --- does not matter.  What matters most is that our people and companies and cities are prepared for the worst:
•    All possible risks of threats and vulnerabilities must be known, measured, and minimized or removed if possible.
•    Physical and logical controls must be hardened and tested against theft and other human threats. 
•    Plans are essential for emergency evacuation and business disruption.
•    A company Safety Team should exist and be trained for all types of harmful situations.
•    Emergency contacts have got to be prepared and available for most (if not all) personnel).
•    Mitigation plans must be thought out carefully, written down, communicated and practiced by all, and updated as necessary to help save lives and keep the business running.
•    Critical company operations restoration and recovery procedures are essential for a successful recovery.
•    A company Emergency Planning Team should be in place (with C-level support) to understand the threats and to be ready for taking action if necessary.
•    Finally and most important…Be sure to exercise and revise your plans! (otherwise they will collect dust on a shelf and be worthless)
The time to prepare is now.  Now and it’s gone.  Now and it’s over.  So take the necessary actions now before it is too late.