September is National Preparedness Month---Who knew?'s picture

  Did you know that this is National Preparedness Month?  Have you heard?  Do you really even know what it means?

  Didn’t think so.  With multiple hurricanes, the presidential election, and stock market woes, apparently there has not been any time for the media to mention (or for some to prepare for) a potential disaster. 

  The good news is that for many of us, it is not too late.  If you do not know about “National Preparedness Month”, go to the main site, for details and basics for what you can do for your family, business, and to help others in your community.  If there are any disaster-related terms or phrases that you do not understand, try for answers.  This is a great site for deciphering complex terms and acronyms associated with preparedness and catastrophic events.

Basics of preparedness:

1.    Get an Emergency Supply Kit (aka. “Go Kit”)
2.    Create an Emergency Plan
3.    Be aware of the threats in your area
4.    Get involved with your community

Prepare and be safe!