Will Rogers Never Met A Suicide Bomber

  He would, in all probability, have finally met someone he didn’t like. Or understand. Will’s prophecy of our future may not have been so optimistic.

  Sadly, the tranquil, innocent yesterdays filled with Will Rogers’ wisdom are gone. We Americans are once again embroiled in world war, a conflict hinging on religious ideologies etched with blood from past struggles.

  I’m reminded that the September 11 attacks are not so different than those of that “day of infamy” in 1941. Both were surprise attacks. Both caused great suffering. Both roused a nation to avenge its fallen.

  But this war is different. The enemy is among us, yet hard to see. He does not wear a uniform. Nor does he march in great numbers down Main Street, USA. He is, just the same, highly trained and highly motivated. He wishes to die for his beliefs because it summons a hero’s welcome in the afterlife. He is the suicide bomber.

  Since birth, he has been programmed to hate “American infidels.” Before he can walk, proud parents dress him in a toddler-sized suicide bomber’s robe. Fastened around his tiny chest is a cloth belt bulging with look-alike plastic explosives. His head-band bears symbols of praise to his god and condemnation to his enemy.

  His grade-school textbooks saturate him in hatred, encouraging death for jihad. He is force-fed propaganda that promises martyrdom for his self-sacrifice. He and his classmates trade “martyr medallions” like our children trade Pokémon cards. During recess, they play out shaheed missions instead of hide-and-seek. On his walk home from school he passes numerous prominent memorials erected in honor of bombers who have already “translated” into the afterlife. Conversation at the dinner table revolves around family members and friends who sacrificed themselves for their beliefs. These are his heroes. These are his guides.

  Graduation comes with honor and excitement. Students, shrouded in shaheed robes, are videotaped as they chant words of death upon Americans. They are now cold, deadly machines bent on bringing forth death and destruction. Their only true liberation comes through death.

  Each one knows how to wrap his explosives with lethal shrapnel to maximize carnage. Each one knows how to penetrate a soft target like a shopping mall or airport terminal or grade school. And each one has sworn to his family’s honor to carry out his mission, no matter the cost.

  The suicide bomber will not go away. Nor will he quit. His purpose in life – and, more appropriately, in his death – is to remove your sense of security, your peace, and your life. He constantly thinks about his mission and dreams of how he will inflict the most suffering upon his enemy.

  These murderers have already struck within our borders. The September 11 attacks were suicide bombing missions on a grand scale. The attackers died willingly. They died for martyrdom. They died for Allah.

  We were stunned because a civil society such as ours cannot comprehend such acts of evil and cowardice. Shame on us if that happens again. Yet we know they will try. The questions are “where” and “when.” Their targets are many. Timing is their veil.

  Our government, media, and communities are making great strides towards educating us about the danger. However, we must consider those messages carefully. If we accept them without study, we risk evolving into a paranoid, panicky, and dangerous society.

  Our charge is clear, but not easy. Perhaps the best way to prepare is through education and awareness. We’ve learned that we can’t fight an enemy we don’t know. We know ignorance leads to paranoia and apathy to discord.

  Challenge yourself to research the information you read in the paper and see on the evening news. Seek reputable sources on the Internet and in your library to discover the facts. Learn how your community, your schools, and your neighborhood are taking an active part in homeland security. Get involved.

  America’s sovereignty is at risk to those evildoers who yearn to bring us anarchy. Each one of us is obligated to passionately and tenaciously hold onto our nation’s very fiber we call independence. And security. And free democracy. Those principles must endure if we are to survive as a society.

  This battle is not likely soon won. Our chance of meaningful existence during its course is to stand together and engage our enemy head-on. I’m sure Will would have agreed.

About the Author

  Mr. Biby is certified in a number of areas relative to homeland security, including terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. His consulting firm – Biby Associates – has helped communities and companies prepare for acts of terrorism and natural disasters since 1988. His latest book, Disaster Dictionary, covers terrorist groups and their weapons. To contact him, click on the following link: http://biby.com/contact