Why Shelter-In-Place/Evacuation (SIP/EVAC) Training Is Important

At some point your company will face an emergency situation. The question is this: When that happens will you be prepared? Let Biby Associates help prepare you and your company for the unthinkable.

Classroom training

Services Description

The goal of our Shelter In Place/Evacuation (SIP/EVAC) training is to provide the best possible training for your employees so, in the event of an emergency, they’re prepared to reduce risk to themselves and to your company’s assets. This service goes beyond training, however. We at Biby Associates will look at all aspects of your company’s SIP/EVAC procedures to ensure that all of the emergency routes are current with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. In the event of an emergency, these updated floor plans will be vital to responding agencies for locating victims.





Having a prepared staff provides a number of benefits.

  • They are equipped with the knowledge of how to handle emergencies.
  • They are more aware and capable of stopping possible threats to your company.
  • They have more self-confidence and peace of mind knowing they’re prepared, improving their overall efficiency and productivity.
  • Having trained employees can also help reduce your company’s liability in the event of injury or death during an emergency evacuation.


  1. Well trained employees, knowledgeable in emergency situation shelter- in-place/evacuation (SIP/EVAC)
  2. Updated floor plans, with revised primary and secondary escape routes
  3. Emergency escape handbook for all trainees, tailored to your company, including your specific procedures
  4. Biby Associates will conduct a SIP/EVAC drill covering one of the emergencies in the training material
  5. Evaluation of SIP/EVAC drill designed to help employees practice the skills learned
  6. Certificate of Completion for each employee successfully completing the training program


Here at Biby Associates we strive to be unlike any consulting firm you have ever used. We have designed our program to use the minimum amount of your time while maintaining the highest level of training.

  • Conduct Confidential Employee Readiness Assessment
  • Conduct Assessment Review meeting, which includes sharing Readiness Assessment results, determining project scope, and identifying
  • Client’s emergency-related documents for review
  • Submit proposal that addresses the Client’s unique SIP/EVAC training needs
  • Conduct training
  • SIP/EVAC Drill briefing to communicate Drill parameters and expected outcomes
  • Conduct the Drill
  • Conduct Project Conclusion meeting, which includes the Drill debriefing and associated after-action report


For more information about SIP/Evac training contact Biby Associates at or call 405-702-SAFE