Our 7-module Blueprints For ContinuitySM Methodology is designed to develop an enterprise-wide Business Continuity Plan start to finish. Deliverables from each module support the next, thus providing congruent work products.

At the same time, this methodology is also scalable to support the recovery objectives of a single business unit, such as IT or Operations or your Call Center. To avoid duplication of your efforts, some modules can be omitted, depending on your continuity planning progress and specific needs.

Module 1 – Find The Risks

Before we can help you develop a plan, we must first determine where the organization is vulnerable. These vulnerabilities may include insufficient IT safeguards or the inability to recover critical systems or processes. Our 500-point survey will expose threats and vulnerabilities on all fronts, internal and external. Deliverables include an extensive Findings and Recommendations Report with supporting digital photographs.

Module 2 – Quantify Business Impacts

Field observations and comprehensive interviews with your key management and staff yield valuable data for quantifying fiscal and physical impacts to your organization when disaster strikes. Further, this module identifies recovery time objectives (RTOs) and priorities. Deliverables include a Business Impact Analysis Report with supporting interview data.

Module 3 – Develop Mitigation Strategies

Module 3 is designed to develop strategies to eliminate or mitigate all threats and vulnerabilities identified in Module 1 and validated in Module 2. The end-product is an all-inclusive document identifying detailed mitigation strategies with associated cost estimates and implementation timelines.

Module 4 – Develop Response Protocols

Module 4 identifies and documents specific response instructions for your employees to follow during an emergency event. These protocols encompass all potential life-safety, technology, and general business events specific to your organization, as discovered in Module 1. The goal is simple: Minimize downtime while protecting employees’ welfare and company assets.

Module 5 – Develop Recovery Procedures

Module 5 identifies and documents specific procedures for efficient, cost-effective recovery of disrupted infrastructures, systems, data, and processes. These interruptions to your business can range in scope from short-term power failure to a complete facility loss.

Module 6 – Exercise and Revise

Your plan will be tested one way or another. We recommend doing so in a controlled environment rather than during a real emergency. This module is used to design and exercise a scenario – ranging from table-top to full-scale – that is appropriate to your business and unique risk profile. The lessons learned are invaluable to identifying plan gaps and internal communication deficiencies. Deliverables include a detailed Exercise Plan, the exercise activity itself, After Action Report, and revised continuity plan.

Module 7 – Train and Deploy

Module 7 includes developing the best strategy for deploying your continuity plan and providing targeted training to management and staff. Depending on your specific needs, the plan may be deployed using print media and/or via your intranet with print-on-demand capability.